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2022 Cub Cadet Equine Support Program

2022 Cub Cadet Equine Support Program


The Cub Cadet Equine Support Program is designed to enable Cub Cadet Dealers to offer special rebates to members of equine clubs or groups and equine businesses on select Professional Products.

  1. Participation in the Cub Cadet Equine Support Program is voluntary.

  2. This offer is available to eligible customers defined as members of equine clubs or groups (who can verify their membership for at least twelve (12) months prior to purchase) and equine businesses. Proof of eligibility is required.

  3. A one-time Equine Support Rebate may be applied to one (1) PRO Product purchase only, by an eligible customer on a single invoice.

  4. The Equine Support Rebate amounts will be distributed to eligible customers for an eligible purchase per the schedule below.

  5. To receive the Equine Support Rebate, the CONSUMER must log into and provide the following required information within 45 days of actual sale date:

    1. A copy of the invoice/receipt clearly indicating the qualifying purchase of a PRO Product made during the Program Period (November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022)

    2. Registration of product within 10 days of purchase.

    3. Serial Number of the qualifying PRO Product;

    4. Consumer name and address;

    5. Cub Cadet Dealer name and address; and

    6. Acceptable proof to establish eligibility in the Equine Support Program.

6. Upon verification, approved Equine Support Rebates will be mailed, as an American Express gift card, to the address submitted by the consumer.

7. An Equine Support Rebate cannot be combined with any other offer, demo or promotion.

8. This is a Cub Cadet only program.


ZTX6 54 -
ZTX6 60 -
PRO Z 148S EFI -
PRO Z 154S EFI -
PRO Z 160S EFI -
PRO Z 160S KW -
PRO Z 554L KW -
PRO Z 560L KW -
PRO Z 554S KW -
PRO Z 560S KW -
PRO Z 760L KW -
PRO Z 760S KW -
PRO Z 772L KW -
PRO Z 960L -
PRO Z 960L EFI -
PRO Z 960S KW -
PRO Z 960S SurePath -
PRO Z 972 L KW -
PRO Z 972 SD -
PRO Z 972S SurePath -
PRO Z 972S KW -
PRO Z 972L EFI -
PRO Z 972SD Self Leveling -
PRO X 636 -
PRO X 648 -
PRO X 654 -
PRO X 654 EFI -
PRO X 660 -
PRO X 660 EFI -
PRO Z HW 336 -
PRO Z HW 348 -
PRO Z HW 354 -
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